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Move the general tools in design


can you move the general tools row (where there are the undo-redo, the edit image background etc) on the bottom right of the page?

I think it's a good idea to add a button for the admin panel (to show/hide), to avoid that it hide the general tool...

I'd like to have a paste button on the object tool... 

Now, if I copy an object, i must search on the bottom of the page to click the paste button... (and I always click the edit background image)...

Thank you!


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You can move the paste button to the context menu.

Also you can move the bottom panel to the right, just edit your layout file.


Oh! sorry!

as perfect user, I don't read the documentation!!

Hi Isaac,

I don't find any documentation on layout....

I try to modify it but I don't see any change...

Can you explain me a little bit?

The modify interest ONLY the client designer or also the admin designer?

Thank you!

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