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Admin panel in designer not showing!


I have appreciated that you have implemented a zooming tool in admin-designer!

But I can see the admin panel...

I see only if I close the design (with "X") and it seems it's on layer blow the designer layer...

I have emptied and disabled the browser cache...

I use Safari on mac, but in Firefox is the same...

Thank You!


Thank you for your fast intervention!!


Now there's a problem with the opacity of the plain shape...

It seems that the tool remain to 100% also if the shape is just inserted (default 40-50% opacity)...

Thank you!

It seems that the plain shapes had also a problem on z-axis. 

Thank you.


The "Force Text Panel" Option don't function.

I must click on the edit button on the toll panel of the text object.

Thank you

Hi Antonio,

I assume this has been solved.

As regards text editing with the popup panel, it only works with the Context menu button and not the direct inline editor.

Will add that as a feature.


Thank you!

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