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Wordpress WooCommerce re-editing old design

In the latest version of the plugin 7.1.1 i see there is a sort of saving option. First you make an account and then in my account there are the designs. This is great, but you can only reorder even when you did not order. It is a good start and i love it. But is it possible to make a button in My Account for customize your design instead of reorder the design. I guess this is possible with the API

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I'm not understanding the save option: how it works? Customers can reedit their project?

yes, this is possible (see the demo website from wordpress) Make an account in woocommerce. When you make a design you don't have to order. When you done designing you can go to my account and there are your previous designs. Only you can reorder there and start designing again. Then it is possible to at cart.

But you must have an account to see this. So customers must be told to make an account. I'm busy to make an video tutorial in dutch but maybe with some screens i can make it in english too

I see this:

Sorry, you have not modified any designs yet.




You're welcome

You are right thinking this save mode is no easy for customer: for me is too easy edit the last one more than duplicate and reorder!

yes i know, but it is a start

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