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design gone after browser history cleaning

After customer cleans his browser history, there modifed design is gone...

That's not good

2 people have this problem

Maybe the future ability for the customer to log in and save their designs that way?

Am sorry if they have logged in before creating their designs, then the design is saved in "My Accounts"

If not, they will loose the design because they cannot be identified but are mere guests to the website.

I don't see this as a problem. This is not a PitchPrint first, if you create wishlists on OpenCart or any other framework without a way to identify you, you loose that data if you go the extent of "Settings -> Menu -> Privacy -> Clear Cache and Saved Sessions" in your browser.

If you log unto FaceBook or any other site for that matter and went to the length of clearing your cookies and saved sessions, then you loose obviously all sessions.

We can't force people to login or register before allowing people to create designs, this puts a lot of customers off in the first place.

So am going to set this as a solved issue, it being not an issue at all.



Usually we see a the saved project in "My Account page" ? because if it's that I'm nothing in my account page. An issue ? thanks


The best solution is to require the user to login or create an account before they can customize the product.  However, this would be a function of your shopping cart not PitchPrint and likely will require a bit of programming knowledge or a developer to implement this functionality.

Thanks Maria yes since 9 months it's what I do :).


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