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Color shift in JPG files

I'm noticing some fairly significant color shifts in JPG art - see attached screenshots. Image on the left is as it appears on my monitor, right is how it renders after upload in the editor.

Has anyone else run across this? I'm new to this system so I'm totally open to the possibility I'm setting something up incorrectly. All the JPGs I uploaded were created in Illustrator then exported to 300dpi CMYK JPGs.

Hi Stephanie,

That's a bit scary, could you please send us the pictures and let's try them out both in the editor as well as PDF output.

You could open up a ticket to do this.



In opening up multiple browsers to test the SVG shape issue (the other active thread here), I noticed that the JPG color rendering appears correct in Safari. Chrome and Firefox, though, still have the color shift. I will send you some of the files. Here is a screenshot of Safari / Firefox / Chrome next to each other.


Any update on this? We're in a holding pattern here waiting for a resolution.

Ok,so, in case anyone else is running into this issue. Creating the JPGs as RGB images seems to resolve the display issue, you will just need to convert to CMYK upon downloading the PDF from PitchPrint. The text and added items come through as CMYK properly but the image will need to be converted to CMYK.

This issue had to do with the particular images the client uploaded.

When viewed in the browser, they rendered the same way, so it's not a PitchPrint issue at all.

... You are making it sound like I did something wrong. I set up CMYK images because I am printing in a 4-color process environment (like most people do). Also, I clearly stated that they were CMYK images at the beginning of this thread, and there was no mention from you for weeks that that might have been the issue. Maybe some notes in your documentation that CMYK images do NOT render correctly in the browser would be helpful? It's an additional step to do the conversion in prepress, people should be aware.


I am sorry, didn't mean to be offensive.

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